Getting Credentials from the NSF GENI Portal

Download The omni.bundle

You need a file called omni.bundle which is available from the GENI Portal web interface. Once you log into the GENI Portal you can use the following steps to locate your omni.bundle download:

  • At the top of the Portal home page click on the tab labeled Profile
  • In the tabs on the Profile page click on the one labeled Configure omni
  • Embedded in the text under the Option 1: Automatic omni configuration header, there is a button labeled Download your omni data. Click this button.


If you see a warning that no SSH keys have been uploaded you can still use the bundle, but you will need to specify an SSH public key path later if you want to use resources that require SSH login

  • Click the Download your omni data button at the bottom of the next page and it should start downloading immediately in your browser.