MacOS X 10.10.x / 10.11.x

These installations require the use of HomeBrew ( If you use MacPorts or a different manager for installing open source tools on your system you will need to satisfy the dependencies using your tool of choice.


These instructions have not been tested on older versions of MacOS X

Installation Dependencies

  • HomeBrew (
  • Apple Command Line Tools for XCode (normally downloaded as part of Brew install)

Install / Setup

Using HomeBrew (accessible via the brew command in your terminal, once you have it installed) we will install the necessary tools and library dependencies for typical geni-lib use:

$ brew install mercurial
$ brew install python


You will now have two version of python installed on your system - the one that Apple ships with your computer, and the one that we have now installed via brew. Only the brew-installed python will work for running geni-lib scripts, which can be launched by running /usr/local/bin/python or by changing your $PATH variable to have /usr/local/bin as the first entry (by editing ~/.profile, typically).

Get geni-lib

You can place the geni-lib repository anywhere on your system that you prefer.

$ hg clone

Install geni-lib

We can now install geni-lib into your Python environment:

$ cd geni-lib
$ hg update -C 0.9-DEV
$ python install

Congratulations, you are now ready to launch python and import geni lib modules!